Would you walk?

This is a great account of “Why this slut walked” in the New York City Slut Walk just a few days ago. I like how it really gets to the true meaning of the walk, but doesn’t forget about the problems related to it – the privilege of being able to see the word ‘slut’ in a new light; the deep-rooted fractures in feminism (especially between women of colour and white women); the groups that the Slut Walk excludes by its very nature.

If you watch the video at the bottom, there are some really interesting quotes. I especially enjoyed (paraphrased) “we need the police to be investigating the perpetrators, not giving fashion advice… clothes do not cause rape, violent perpetrators do”. Here’s more about the story that those commentators were referring to:

“On the eve of SlutWalk, it was reported that a New York police officer in Park Slope, Brooklyn, told women not to wear skirts (or shorts, or dresses) because a serial rapist was on the prowl. In case you were wondering, this advice was based on stereotypes, not sophisticated criminal profiling. In New York City in early fall, 80% of the women on the street are wearing skirts, shorts, or summer dresses. Ironically, the time the rapist was captured on surveillance video, his victim was wearing pants and a hoodie.”

What is your opinion on the Slut Walk? Would you feel comfortable taking part in one? 


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