Read This First!

What this blog is:

A resource for those who wish to learn more about a variety of equity issues.

An overview for those who know little or nothing about theory and issues of social justice, although indepth discussion is also available for those who want to know more.

A forum for open and tolerant discussion.

A place to ask questions.

An evolving record of my learning experience as ASUS Equity Officer.

What this blog is not:

A rant for my own purposes.

A claim to any sort of expertise.

An expression of hatred of any group or person.

And it is not necessarily representative of the view and opinions of ASUS, Queen’s University, any students at Queen’s, or any group affiliated with Queen’s.

About me

I’m a fourth year Biology and English student at Queen’s who loves adventures, traveling, learning mind-boggling information, people, food and kickboxing. I’m the Arts and Science Undergraduate Society Equity Officer for 2011/12. I know that I’m privileged in many ways, and learning about and seeking to work against that privilege is a priority for me. I’m definitely not an expert on all the different kinds of oppression, so I’d love to hear your perspective. You might even be able to guest write on this blog, so come talk to me.

To ask questions, discuss anything in this blog, or find out about resources available to you, email the ASUS Equity Officer, Geneviève Rochon-Terry, at


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