Open Letter on the New Equity @ Queen’s Website!!


Queen’s Equity Caucus is a collection of students who are the representatives for equity in their specific faculty (more information about the mandates of this group can be found in AMS Policy, Section 2, part 2 – here:

One of our initiatives this year is to create a central Equity @ Queen’s website which will contain information about all groups working for social justice and equity at this school (regardless of faculty). The hope is that students interested in getting involved in equity-related initiatives would have a central place to start their search. It will also be a great way for equity-related groups to raise awareness about their activities and resources. This website will be created and maintained by the Queen’s Equity Caucus based on information provided by Equity/Social justice groups in the Queen’s community.

If your group is interested in being included in the list of equity/social justice groups at Queen’s, please send a short mission statement for your group (less than 60 words) to and I will ensure that you are represented on our site. Please also include contact information for your group (such as an email).

Another aspect of this site is a list of all equity/social justice-related print resources available on campus. Many groups at Queen’s have their own ‘library’ collection of books and articles, and I feel that it is important to make these resources accessible to any student wishing to learn more. We are aiming to create a sort of library catalogue, to ensure that students know what resources are available at Queen’s and where to find them. If your group has such a library, and wishes to be included in the catalogue, please reply with a list of these books and where/how they are available.

In addition, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me regarding any questions, ideas or concerns that you may have.

Thank you,

Geneviève Rochon-Terry

ASUS Equity Officer

Queen’s University


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